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Sticky Frog Wellness CBD can help your horses, dogs and pets with mobility or anxiety issues with no side effects. We keep all our ingredients natural and all our CBD is extracted from 100% organically grown Full Spectrum Hemp. Our products are lab tested and certified.

Gammita Before & After

Gamita is a 37 year old (yes, you read that correctly- 37 years old!!!!) Thoroughbred mare who spent most of her life as a very successful polo horse.

March of 2023, after a harsh Michigan winter, Gamita began declined rapidly; she displayed immense acute hind left leg pain, resulting in her not wanting to move nor eat. Quickly losing weight and strength daily, and after exploring and exhausting a few other prescribed medications, Sticky Frog CBD oil was mentioned as an new option for immediate anti-inflammatory and pain relief for this girl. We started Gamita on this CBD straight away. Since then, Gamita has been thriving while on Sticky Frog Wellness’ CBD and their oil has been the most significant and pivotal part of her pain management.

Meet Kelli & Her Motley Crew!

Sticky Frog was formed 8 years ago when I saw horses at my boarding barn suffering from lameness due to injuries and age. CBD was just emerging as a new found inflammation reducer, with anxiety relief.

After tons of research I created our first CBD Horse Treats. The results were amazing. Horses that had a hard time moving were now frolicking in the pasture with their friends.

Since then we have expanded to CBD oil for all kinds of animals. Working with treats and chews for short term needs and the CBD oils to help with longer supplemental type injuries or arthritis.

  • Animals with a Spine

    Did you know all animals with a spine can benefits from CBD? From Goats to alpacas, CBD can help!

  • Beyond The Roses

    For the Love of Thoroughbreds. We will donate a $1 of every product sold to help the rescue

  • Organic Hemp

    No Pesticides or chemicals. Our Hemp is Organically grown.

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  • Nina - Equestrian

    I recently started using Sticky Frog CBD oil for my horses and I am extremely impressed with the results. As an equestrian enthusiast, the well-being and comfort of my horses are of utmost importance to me. Sticky Frog CBD oil has proven to be a game-changer in maintaining their overall health and managing certain conditions.

  • Tonya & Gracie

    "I wanted to thank you so much for
    the Pet CBD Oil for my dog Gracie.
    Before starting the oil Gracie could
    hardly walk at times but after a few
    days she had more energy than
    she's had in years. She's like a
    puppy again. I'm so grateful!"
    Tonya & Gracie

  • Keli - Ping

    My horse Ping has now been on
    Sticky Frog CBD Horse Oil for the
    last two years. I was hesitate at first not knowing what it does or how he would react. I started my 24 year old gelding on it and saw a huge difference within a week. Huge! Keli - Ping

Sticky Frog Wellness

Questions & Answers

Does CBD get my pet high?

NO! CBD is a compound from the hemp plant, that does not get your pet high. The Marijuana plant contains THC, which gives a euphoric effect. But NOT CBD. This is one of the biggest misconceptions of our products. Until the FDA approves it federally, educating people on the portion that it does not actually get your pet high, is most important.

My Vet Will Not Recommend CBD

Vets cannot recommend CBD products to their clients. The AVMA(American Veterinary Medical Association)has issued a notice to Veterinarians NOT to recommend CBD products due to the fact that the FDA has not legalized it at a federal level.

Does the Equine Showing Association (FEI) allow CBD?

JUST ANNOUNCED! The FIE, the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, the international governing body of equestrian sports. The FEI is responsible for drafting and enforcing regulations within the six disciplines under its jurisdiction. The FIE just removed CBD from its banned list of medications. This is a big win for CBD and horse showing!

How do I dose the Oil?

It is dosed on animals weight, we have different blends for different sized animals. We also have treats for dogs and horses to help make it easier. See our dosing chart

Are there any side effects?

It can possibly make your animal sleepy.

Do you offer monthly subscription?

Yes offer a 10% for a monthly subscription. This allows for the supplement to be delivered without a thought.

Is this Snake Oil??

Many people do not believe in the science behind what CBD can help with. There is so much evidence on the internet on the amazing results you will see with CBD. Just google it!